Ich ...

- wohne in: Berlin,
- bin geboren in: 
- das liegt bei: 
- wann?: 1949,
- mache was 
beim Staat,
- habe
 eine kleine Familie
- bin deshalb auch noch Papa,

- das Wasser,
ein bisschen fotografieren wie hier z.B.:

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und eigentlich hat das alles nur damit zu tun, nicht die eigenen Erinnerungen zu verlieren, denn das ist das einzige was wir wirklich haben:

"There are places I'll remember 
All my life though some have changed 
Some forever not for better 
Some have gone and some remain 
All these places have their moments 
With lovers and friends I still can recall 
Some are dead and some are living 
In my life I've loved them all"
Lennon /Mc Cartney

"These memories, which are my life - for we possess nothing certainly except the past - were always with me. Like the pigeons of St Mark´s they were everywhere, under my feet, singly, in pairs, in little honey-voiced congregations, nodding, stuttering, winking, rolling the tender feathers of their necks, perching sometimes, if I stood still, on my shoulder; until, suddenly, the noon gun boomed and in a moment, with a flutter and sweep of wings, the pavement was bare and the whole sky above dark with tumult of fowl."
Evelyn Waugh: Brideshead Revisted